Recycle bin diving

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If you have a recycle bin in your local area and you are an avid couponer like we are, I would suggest instead of paying a ton of money out-of-pocket think outside the box or in this case inside the box. (We all know how expensive newspapers have gotten over the years). I propose taking a ride over to your local recycling center! I frequent my local recycling center as much as possible and I have NO SHAME in climbing in and digging deep in the midst of cardboard boxes, empty food containers, and just plain TRASH!! When you arrive, look for “DO NOT climb in bins” signs or even better before taking a dive may I suggest that you call the recycling center or the local PD. Find out the rules of the center and whether or not you are allowed to climb in and dig around the bins! Doing so will save you a trip and gas money!


jen dive1



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