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Living with a frugal mindset does not mean that you always need to have a coupon in hand or a coupon binder in your shopping cart to get a great deal. There are other ways to land 50%-90% off the retail price.

There is a chain of stores located primarily in Northeastern Ohio called Marc’s. Click here to find a location near you.

It would exclusively be considered a grocery store except for that fact that it has a closeout department. Marc’s buys liquidated items and then resells them at a deeply discounted price. In this closeout section, I typically see Merona and Mossimo Supply Co. brands that are normally sold at Target.

From a recent shopping trip, I was able to pick up a pair of suede ballet flats for $1.99. These would typically sell for around $20.00 at Target. I also picked up a pair of Merona rain boots for Jen. She will need them in the spring because Ohio can get pretty wet. (wink wink) They were only $7.95. The original Target tag, still attached, states that these retail for $32.99. YIKES! And so not to leave out my son, my mom also picked up a pair of Paul Frank rain boots. They retail for $22.99 but she snagged them for $4.99.

I know not everyone can run to a Marc’s in their neighborhood but I am sure if you look around you my find stores in your local community that have closeout sections with well known, deeply discounted brands.



Yes, I went to Marc’s again and picked up a few things. I bought a really cute bag that I am going to put makeup in for $2.99. Here is the website to the company who made it. They have some really cute stuff.

I also bought some Clean & Clear face wash scrub for $1.99. Not bad considering I didn’t use a coupon to reduce the price. (You can not use coupons on closeout items but can on mostly anything else in the store).  Lastly, I bought a shirt for my son for $.99, originally from Target. The brand is Cherokee.

A small yet successful haul.

20130128_131053 20130128_131000


2 thoughts on “Marc’s Closeout Department

    ted said:
    January 21, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    those monkey shoes are so cute

      lehcar01 responded:
      January 22, 2013 at 9:50 am

      Thank You!


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