For all you coffee fans!

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The rush and thrill of scoring a freebie is an unexplained feeling, an even better feeling is scoring free coffee!

For example, the other day while I was browsing on I came across a post for AT&T customers. All you had to do was sign up for an email subscription and text alerts and in return you would receive a FREE $5 Starbucks gift card delivered in a text message. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself because of course I LOVE FREE STUFF!

One way that you can score these freebies is by liking coffee companies’ Facebook pages. They frequently giveaway samples! Free coffee gift cards is one of MANY free coffee products you can snag. Some other freebies you can score are k-cup sample packs, mini bag samples, sample packets, coffee mugs, eco- friendly re-useable cups, and high value coupons!

What a great way to get a pick-me-up without spending a ton of money on expensive coffee :0)

Even when you can’t score a freebie, you can still get awesome deals on coffee with coupons! The k-cups pictured below were on sale for $5.99 at publix. I had coupons for $1.50 off making them only $4.49 a box. These boxes normally range from $8.99-$10.99 a box when they are sold at regular price! (prices may vary by store, state, and region)






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