Traveling on Sundays

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Did you know that Sunday is the best day to travel? When it involves amassing a variety of coupon inserts, commuting on Sundays makes all the difference. Stop at  gas stations and other places that maintain newsstands.

Aim to get newspapers that cater to a larger audience. The Columbus Dispatcher is more likely to have more coupons with higher values than a smaller newspaper such as The Vindicator. (The Vindicator is my local newspaper.) I actually do not have a Sunday subscription because of this reason.

I focus on newspapers that are printed from larger cities. Companies tend to market their coupons in areas where consumers are more likely to redeem them. They want you to buy their product, get hooked, and become a repeat customer.

If you plan on staying at a hotel and you have a choice of which days, again pick Sundays. Chances are the hotel will be well stocked with Sunday newspapers as a courtesy to their guests.

Recently, I went to Philadelphia and stayed at a nearby hotel. While orientating myself with the hotel’s grounds, I found several Sunday newspapers with inserts, stacked about 6 or 7 high on a window ledge in the lobby. At that moment it felt like the clouds had parted and angels started singing. (Okay, I may be highly exaggerating this moment but to someone who uses coupons this feeling is completely relative).

I highly recommend getting approval from hotel personnel before taking any inserts. Most likely you will probably get an odd look and a ‘thank you’. It is one less item that has to be picked up and thrown away at the end of the night. And besides most people who stay at hotels are traveling for business or pleasure. Coupon inserts are the least of anyone’s concern with the exception of a few people. 🙂


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