Visual Learners Wanted: Using You Tube to Learn About Coupons

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If you have ever perused you know that there are endless amounts of videos on every topic under the sun. Subject matter includes, tips on makeup application, fashion advice, music videos, prank phone calls, funny video compilations, video game reviews, daily vlogs, how-to videos and so much more.

People who use coupons have also left their mark within the You Tube community. A user can watch videos on people shopping in stores from start to finish, which includes seeing their purchase total at the register before and after coupons are applied. You can watch bloggers explain store coupon policies, take inside looks into their stockpiles, and see visuals of their massive store hauls once they have returned home. Some even take you on weekly trips to specific store chains to explain the coupon match-ups for the week. It is all very amazing what you can search for and find on You Tube.

Consequently, if you are a visual learner and retain more information by watching a coupon enthusiast explain how to stack a manufacturer coupon with a in-store coupon, then I would suggest taking a peek at what You Tube has to offer.

A few of my favorite coupon orientated channels include:

Hip 2 save (after finding her videos it led me to her blog,

Soukupfamily33950 (she does shopping in Publix mostly and even though I do not have a Publix near me, I like her style)

GlamLifeGuru (she is a makeup artist and gives beauty tips mostly but she does use coupons to score better deals)

TheKrazyCouponLady (they are a duo with very professional content which also includes a website,



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