Walmart Clearance

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I was inspired to blog about this when I was shopping in Walmart the other day with my mom. We were getting ready to check out but stopped over in the stationary department so I could pick out a greeting card. We veered off track for a bit when we saw several mylar balloons and a huge banner that read, “CLEARANCE” on it.

I am never really impressed with Walmart’s clearance section. Unless the merchandise is holiday specific, there usually aren’t  any signs indicating how much they are taking off the retail price. This makes it tricky to determine whether or not you are getting a good deal.

Here is an example of an item that is not a good buy. Yes, you actually save 0% on a coat for that special four legged friend in your life. WOW!


Here is an example of an item that is a good deal. This is a Sonicare battery operated toothbrush. It retails for $111.87 and is now $25.00.


Here is what I ended up buying. A fabric Thanksgiving themed table cloth for $2.00 that retails for $13.97 and a Halloween light up dog collar for $2.50. The retail price is $9.97. But aside from all of that why is Walmart still holding on to Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise? Good question….


TIP: If you are unsure about whether or not a price is a bargain, here is what I do. If you have a smartphone, download the Amazon app from your app store. Once downloaded and opened, you can click on the bar code icon, scan any UPC, and if Amazon sells it, the item will load on your phone screen. You can see how much you would pay if you were to buy it through Amazon. They have pretty competitive prices.

Take into consideration that 3rd party vendors do sell through Amazon. They tend to have higher prices so just make sure the item you are looking at is coming straight from Amazon.

You can also read reviews on the item. There is no better way to find out if a product is going to work for you, other than reading from people who already own it.

Here is the link for the Droid app.

Here is the link for the Apple app.

Just remember, the more you use coupons, the more you will become aware of what is a good price and what is not.



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