Cutting and organizing your coupons!

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As a couponer, keeping your coupons cut and organized is a pretty tough, somewhat stressful situation. I know from personal experience that if I miss just one weekend of coupon cutting I feel like my life is ruined (LOL). Another stressful situation is the “end of the month binder purge”, which means out with the expired coupons, in with the new! (it’s about that time again! UGH)

If you are on a tight, strict budget with no money left over, or you are just beginning and not sure if you are going to stick with it or not, you can begin by using re-purposed household items such as a shoebox or a baby wipe container, if you have a little extra money you can invest it into the following items: 3 ring binder, baseball card sleeves, and index dividers. Use your imagination and creativity and don’t forget to make sure you include who the coupon box or binder belong to because if your lame brained like me, you may misplace your coupon binder or box sometime or another!

Some couponers organize their coupons according to the aisles at a specific store that they shop at on a regular basis. For example, if the first aisle consists of bread, candy, snacks, and peanut butter these would be the first categories in their binder or box. Some couponers find it easier to organize their binder or box according to items most purchased. For example, make-up, body wash, and razors may be your top priority. There are many different ways you can organize your binder or box. There is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons. Go with what best suits you and your couponing needs!

Having a hard time figuring out how to organize your coupons and where to go to purchase your items? Here are a few links to help you out:

For more detailed information and help, check out the direct link below to’s section on coupon binders and organization:



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