A penny for my thoughts

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Whenever I find money on the ground, whether it be paper money or even a nickle, I will pick it up. If it happens to be a penny and my husband is with me he always says, “Oh, it is just a penny!”. Well to me it is not just a penny. The significance runs deeper.

Whenever I spot change that someone has dropped or purposefully discarded, I pick it up, think of my Grandma, and take a moment to thank her for it. Actually it is not just a ritual I participate in but my father, mother, and even my sister all thank her for our finds.

My mom recently found $26 dollars crumpled up in the pocket of a pair of pants she bought at a thrift store and my sister found $10 while walking her dog near her house. I found a penny outside a grocery store the other day. (I think I got the raw end of the deal, comparatively speaking. Lol)

We all like to believe these random finds are signs from her because they represent what she was all about. She used coupons before you could print them from the internet. She even collected UPCs and store receipts to complete rebates before apps and smartphones existed to help with these tasks. I think in short, I have to thank my grandma for this frugal adventure that Jen and I are on.

P.S.   I found another penny on the ground since I drafted this post. Thanks Cookie Grandma!



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