Freebie Friday: Week ending February 8th, 2013

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It is week 3 of our Freebie Friday series and are mailboxes were busting at the seams this week. There are also a few other things to mention. First, here are the freebies we received this week.


A 11×14 poster of a picture of my choice from Walgreens, (2) 7.8 Fl oz jars of Valspar paint from Lowes, Family Fun magazine, JCPenney mailer with $10 off $10 purchase, Rolling Stone magazine, Target mailer with $90 worth of Target coupons relating to baby merchandise, Celestial seasonings metabo balance wellness tea, Always coupons, Organize in Style booklet with $17 worth of coupons, coupon for a free bottle of Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion 12.6 oz shampoo or conditioner, and Propel Zero nutrient enhanced water beverage mix…phew!


Seasons Harvest barbecue rub

Sometimes you can receive freebies that you didn’t even sign up for which can make for some nice surprises. There is no real formula to determine whether or not you will receive these types of items in the mail. For instance, I have heard from some people that they did receive the JCP ad booklet in their mailbox but they didn’t get a coupon attached inside. So even if you get the booklet it does not mean you will get a coupon. As far as the Target booklet is concerned, I believe I received that because I signed up for a baby registry nearly 2 years ago. But the coupons keep pouring in from them. No complaints here 🙂

That being said, this is why it is always important to browse through all store advertisements you receive because you never know what may be waiting for you inside.

Since I received the Valspar paint sample once before, I thought it would interesting to share what I did with it the last time. Here is a link to that project.

I wanted to mention this because it is news that will be effecting how often we  receive our freebies. Starting in August of this year, the postal service will only be delivering packages and not any other type of mail on Saturdays. That means we will only get freebies five days a week instead of six  :/   Hopefully, the mail carriers will bring double the freebies on Mondays to make up for the loss on Saturdays.

Here is a link about the changes in the delivery schedule if you want to read about it in depth.

And if you want to start receiving freebies, check out this link to help you get started.



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