Using free paint on my son’s bedroom walls

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This is the first post in a the ‘Thrifty Projects’ category. Here we will share projects we completed with materials gathered from freebies, and other cheap finds. Some of these projects will include Pinterest ideas we have come across that are just too darn cute not to recreate…

When I was pregnant with my son,  my husband and I like any expecting parents,wanted to paint his nursery. We did not find out that he was a boy until he was born so we wanted to paint the nursery some colors that would be relative for a little girl or boy. We ended up creating a color blocking pattern using gray for the major portions and pastel purple and bluish green for the smaller portions. We figured if we chose both a feminine and masculine color, we would have our bases covered depending on if we had a boy or girl. To tie all the colors together, we created an under-the-sea theme because it worked well with all three colors and both genders.

(If my mom and sister were reading over my shoulder as I typed this, they would be yelling at me for not giving them credit. They were the ones who painstakingly painted three colors on all four walls, all while I barked orders at them that they either missed a spot or that one color had bled onto another color. I did in fact use sticky notes that were arrows pointing to the areas that needed extra attention. Give me a break, okay? I was pregnant at the time but also I am naturally very anal when it comes to certain things. Okay, MOST things. LOL!)

To create this color blocking design, I was able to use free paint samples I received from Lowes. Of course I ended up buying a quart of each of the pastel colors in addition to the sample jars. The sample paints only cover a 4×4 section so the additional paint was necessary. I didn’t have to buy gray paint because I had some left from another project I had completed in the past. Regardless, using samples is a great way of determining if a particular color is going to work for the project you have at hand.

You don’t have to use your paint samples to paint meticulously placed pinstripes on your bedroom walls.  Think outside the box. Use them to take accent furniture pieces from bland to intriguing with punches of turquoise. Or add splashes of color to your boring kitchen cabinets. The possibilities are endless to what you can do with a little imagination and of course some free paint!

Here is what the color blocking ended up looking like but I am a little sad because my son is not an infant anymore and the cute little sea creature motif is no longer age appropriate. At some point these walls will get painted again. But hopefully I can kick off the paint project with some free paint samples!



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