Getting paid to shop at Walmart

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When the coupon’s maximum amount has been exceeded the coupon’s value is typically reduced to match the product being purchased. This is how most retail stores choose to handle this type of situation but not Walmart. When a coupon’s maximum amount exceeds the coupon’s value, the purchaser can choose to apply the overage to the rest of his/her shopping cart or if nothing else is being bought, cash can be given back.

For example, if I buy Always daily liners for .98 but I have a coupon to receive $1.50 off, I can either apply .52 to the rest of my order or chose to get it back in cash. Personally, I have always applied my overage to other items in my cart. I’ll purchase item(s) that I don’t have coupons for to reduce the amount I owe on them. I also suggest that if you do want cash back, please do it when you are not in a hurry. The cashier can not just give you cash back as if they are simply owing you change. The register prompts for a CSM who has to come over with a key to approve the transaction. This can take a few minutes depending on how busy the CSM is with other customers.

Here are a few examples of some items that I did buy with overage including the Always daily liners example I mentioned above. I had 2 $1 off Duncan Hines frosting creation coupons that I printed off the internet.


Initially, I found these in the baking aisle for about .89 each but after browsing the clearance section, I found the gingerbread flavor marked down from the holidays. So I was able to use the 2 $1.00 off coupons and because these were marked down to .50 each, I was able to get $1 total in overage that I applied to other items in my cart. And yes, you can use coupons on clearance items.

That is why we recommend carrying your coupons with you on each shopping trip. You never know when you may need to use a coupon. Good deals pop up all the time.

My last example is overage I received on Reach floss. As you can see in the photo, I was able to pick up a lot of floss by obtaining coupons throughout the year at my dentist office. They were for $2.00 off any reach product. The reach sells at my local Walmart for .97 so that is $1.03 overage on each one that I applied to other items in my cart. Doctors, dentists and other professional offices are great places to pick up high value coupons. Some of which may give you overage on your next Walmart shopping trip.


Here is a direct link to Walmart’s coupon policy. Read under “Guidelines and Limitations” for specific wording on coupon overage.

And if you are seriously considering to start using coupons, check out Jen’s post on how to organize your coupons so you can take them with you on all your shopping trips.



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