Publix, where shopping IS a pleasure!

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I am an avid Publix grocery store shopper. I shop there EVERYDAY, (it’s pretty bad when every cashier and manager greets me by first name when I walk into the store LOL). Publix provides a friendly work and shopping environment. The cashiers, managers, and most of the workers are always friendly and always quick to help you find something in store. They have no problem answering any questions you may have, and they even provide service to the elderly folks, no matter if they have one bag or one hundred bags in there shopping cart. They still take the time and walk them to their car and unload their cart for them.

My favorite perks that Publix stores offer are as follows:
1. Publix accepts competitor coupons. The Publix that I shop at accepts coupons from Target, Wal-Mart, Doris Market, and Albertsons. (PLEASE NOTE Not every Publix accepts the same competitor store coupons so be sure to call ahead. Or the next time you are in your local Publix stop by customer service and pick up your list of accepted competitor stores.) I think accepting competitor coupons is a great idea because there are certain stores that I don’t really shop at, or I feel that Publix has a better deal and better quality on certain products.

2. Publix not only features a regular AD but there are two other coupon filled fliers such as, the “green saver” which features grocery coupons and the “yellow saver” which features personal product coupons. I like the benefits of these fliers because not only do you get a ton of coupons, but you can use the Publix coupons and stack them with manufacturer coupons for double the savings. These fliers feature the ongoing sales for the entire month (make sure to check your dates, prices, dates, and products featured in the said fliers vary by region)

Besides the friendly environment, accepting of competitor coupons, and money saving fliers Publix ALWAYS has hidden perks around every corner. Keep your eyes open at every turn and you may find these surprises: catilina coupons, coupon booklets for baby items and pet products, recipes with attached coupon for ingredients the recipe calls for, a cart full of reduced price items, and Publix also features their very own recipe card collection with two new “featured recipes” every week.

coupon match-ups:

Direct link to Publix coupon Policy:

Find your local Publix store:

Aprons recipes and information:

Green and Yellow coupon saver booklets




Publix recipe book

Publix recipe book inside

Publix Recipe Cards

photo (1)

While shopping in Publix today I was able to receive some valuable insider information from my favorite cashier Monique, She informed me that starting next week Publix will be accepting digital Coupons. This program has already started in most of the Northern Florida areas. If you are a Publix shopper and have used this new program, Please feel free to share you suggestions, stories, and experiences!
(go to and click on the “coupons” link at the top of the page for more information about digital coupon program)


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