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No, I’m not printing fake money from my printer nor am I condoning it! LOL I am just trying to drive home the point that printing internet coupons is like printing money. 

We have mentioned that you can obtain coupons from inserts in Saturday or Sunday newspapers. But unfortunately, you can’t pick what will be printed up each week in these inserts. Furthermore, what if you need to buy a particular item that is not advertised in a store flyer and/or is mentioned by your favorite coupon blogging website? Coupon databases can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Coupon databases are great or searching for specific coupons. They typically list if you can print it from the internet with a link to its source, if it is found in a smartsource insert (ss), a redplum insert (rp) or other various sources.

Here are a few examples of a excellent coupon databases:

If you are not looking for anything in particular and just want to start browsing through some of the internet coupons that are available to print, start with these websites. These are just a few websites that you can go to. There are many more. Also, you can go to company’s websites and sometimes they offer coupons that can be printed immediately or if you sign up for their newsletter.  (typically has coupons for organic products)

Internet coupons usually have a print limit on them. Once the limit has been reached, the coupon can no longer be printed unless the company sourcing the coupon resets the limit. Internet coupons can typically be printed twice per computer but do not require additional printers. As a general rule, internet coupons expire one month from the time you print them. Always check your store’s coupon policy about how they handle internet coupons. Not all retailers accept them.

Make sure your printer has ink before you begin printing. If a coupon is hard to read and can not be scanned at check out, store personnel have the right to decline your coupon. With that being said, you can print in black and white. In fact, it is recommended! Save your colored ink for other print jobs that require it. Also, don’t be afraid to use scrap computer paper that has already been printed on the opposite side.

I recommend using a laser printer that only prints in black and white and uses a toner instead of ink cartridges. The toner that my Brother laser printer uses yields approximately 2,600 pages. I typically buy my toners online through sites like for between $20-$30.

Here is a link to the printer that I own:

I see that it is now discontinued but I am sure there are many other models just like it. I paid approximately $70.00 for it at Staples a few years ago.

Internet coupons are a great supplement to newspaper coupon inserts. They usually correspond with a wider variety of items and tend to be higher in value. And this definitely comes in handy when you are trying to reduce your total at the register. I think that is the ultimate goal for every coupon wielding diva or divo. lol!



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