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Tax season is in full force right now and the April 15th deadline is fast approaching, unless of course, you are like my father and ALWAYS file an extension 😉

Have you ever considered dropping your tax representative or accountant and going commando? It sounds scary, especially when dealing with your own finances and the federal and state government. That is where H&R Block comes to the rescue.

You just simply go to their website and create an account. Then they will take you step by step through creating and filing your federal income tax either through efile, which sends it electronically, or by paper, which requires you to mail it. All of this is free!

You can upgrade your account for a nominal fee which will automatically transpose information from previous years and a few other bells and whistles but I always stick with the free addition. I have been using H&R Block for over 6 years now with no complaints. Of course this works best when your federal tax return is pretty straightforward. If you a complicated return, you may want to consult with a tax representative.

Below are a few screenshots of the actual H&R Block tax preparation walk through.

hr block

hr block 2

Another great function is that in the upper right hand corner, as you compute your federal tax refund, the state will calculate automatically. You will have to pay to file for the state return through H&R Block. I recommend going directly to your state government’s website and filing through them. Here is a link to my state’s website to give you any idea.

I just typed, “Ohio state tax” into the swagbucks search bar and the website came right up. If you live in another state other than Ohio, simply omit Ohio and include the name of your state.

I love that H&R Block calculates the state for me. I use the refund total it generates to cross reference with the refund total that I come up with when I calculate the state on my own. I have come up with different numbers in the past so H&R Block’s calculations have really helped me figure out where my errors occurred.

So it seems the days of using pencil, paper, and an adding machine are long gone…

The opinions expressed in this post are solely of my own and I am not compensated in any way by H&R Block.

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