Jen’s haul for the week of March 18,2013

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Total before coupons: $36.86 Total out of pocket: $25.76

ALWAYS make sure you read each and every coupon VERY carefully. Important things to look for are expiration date and coupon wording. Always read the fine print because some coupons only allow you to use a specific amount in one transaction, and make sure the bar code is in tact or else the coupon WILL NOT SCAN. Unless you get a nice cashier, the coupon may be denied!

I learned this lesson the hard way today by failing to read my Jimmy Dean sausage coupon. The coupon stated that it was $1/1 off jimmy dean sausage crumbles AND Sausage roll which I DID NOT have in my cart. I was really bummed out because I had a set price in my mind that I wanted to spend.


Total before coupons: $22.05 Total out of pocket: $5.33

I am very excited about this haul, the ecotools bath poofs were FREE plus $.26 overage, the Playtex wipes were $.97 each, and the hungry jack hashbrowns were $.75 each.

Using coupons and saving money is such an exhilarating feeling, I love to watch as my stock pile slowly grows and expands 🙂

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