Paper or Plastic?

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Paper, plastic or what about a reusable bag?

Earth Day 2012 reusable Target bags

Did you know that with a purchase at Target you can get .5 cents off for every reusable bag you use. Yes, .5 cents isn’t a lot but it can be looked at as a  motivational tool to help save the environment.  Here is the link to more information about this program.


CVS also had a green bag tag program that would earn you $1 extra care buck after 4 scans of your tag used in conjunction with a reusable bag. Unfortunately, the program will end at some point this year and you will no longer be able to scan the tag. If you currently own one, you are in luck because you can no longer purchase new tags at the store.

I am curious to whether there are other stores that give incentives for toting reusable bags. Do you know of others? Comment below.


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