Geocaching- An Outdoor Treasure Hunting Game for the Whole Family

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Now that spring is here are you looking for a fun and frugal activity that the whole family can enjoy, discovering and exploring places you have never been before? If so, you may be interested in geocaching. From the official geocaching website, it is described as an outdoor treasure hunt where players find hidden containers, called geocaches or simply caches. You use GPS coordinates via a handheld GPS or smartphone to get within feet of them. Then the hunt is on! Once you find the cache, sign the log proving you found it and even keep track of your finds online.

Geocaches can be hidden in easy or hard to find spots as well as flat or more difficult terrain so it is important to obtain a GPS device to aid in the hunt. You can buy one for as low as $60. Here is the one I own and would recommend. If you have a smartphone you can also download the official app for $10 or I have also seen a few free apps. Once you decide on a GPS device or app, you are set and ready to go.

$10 App for iPhone

$10 App for Droid

Free App for Droid

I love that larger hidden containers have swag inside that can be traded. Swag consists of small trinkets such as key chains, gumball machine toys, and stickers, etc. If you take a piece of swag, you should leave a piece of swag in its place of equal or greater value. This will ensure that the next person will have items to find and trade. I love this aspect of geocaching because children really enjoy trading and at the same time it is teaching them to share. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of some past adventures. I haven’t participated much in the last few years because I have a 2 year old son but I hope to make him my little muse when he gets older and take him on some geocaching quests.

This is when I found my 100th geocache in a nearby park.

While driving home from Florida I wanted to stop in each state along the way and find a geocache. This was in Georgia at the smallest church in the United States. It happened to be at night also. Really spooky.


The biggest geocache I have found to date. It was inside a tattoo shop in Florida. As long as the shop is open you are welcome to go inside and explore the cache. 

Yes, geocaches can be found anywhere, including the southern most tip of the continental U.S.A.  Only 90 miles to Cuba.

Start by creating a geocaching account and if you are looking for more information here is a guide with numerous questions and answers.



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