DIY Sand or Water Table

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This is a tutorial on a DIY sand or water table. It is so incredibly easy you will kicking yourself that you didn’t make it sooner for your little ones. Trust me I am not a carpenter. 🙂 Once you have all your materials gathered, it should only take you a few hours from start to finish if your staining it as well.

sand table


1. Mixing tub for sand. The one pictured is size large for $12.98 at Home Depot. There is also a smaller version for $5.98. Both would work fine depending on your preference. Here is a link to the large tub so you can look at it in more detail. It holds 20.9 gallons of liquid. It is 36″ x 24″ x 8″ and it is made by Plasgad.

2. (4) 2×4 for legs. We measured them at 17 inches each. I referenced a water table my son already has that was made by Step 2. You can make the height whatever you desire.

3. (4) 2×6 for the perimeter.  To fit around the large mixing tub properly, these were measured (2) at 33 inches and (2) at 24 inches. You don’t have to use 2×6 pieces of wood but for the large mixing tub we thought it would be more sturdy than using 2×4 pieces.

4. A circular or table saw to cut the wood. If you don’t have access to one you can have your local hardware store cut the pieces.

5. 24 x 36 piece of plywood for a lid. This will come in handy when the table is not being played with.

6. Drill, screws, pencil, tape measure, sand paper, stain and paint brush.

NOTE: I pictured (2) 2×4 for braces but did not end up using them. The large tub sits down too low for braces to set under it properly. If you make a table with the smaller tub, I don’t think you will run into this problem. But that being said I don’t think the braces would be necessary anyways. The perimeter is very sturdy.

STEP 1: 

Measure and align the (4) 2×6 pieces of wood around the tub to make a perimeter. It helps to have the tub turned upside down when working on this step. Cut to correct length, (2) 24 inch pieces and (2) 33 inch pieces.



Uses screws and drill to screw 4 sides together making a rectangle that the tub will sit on.


(Not to confuse you, the square piece of wood on the ground is an old coffee table we bought at IKEA in the AS-IS section for $25 a long time ago. We no longer need it so my hubby is going to make a GO board out of it. For now we used it to create a level surface for this project.)


STEP: 3 

Cut (4) 2×4 at 17 inches long for table legs. Use screws and drill to attach 2×4 pieces of wood to create legs. Then sand down any rough edges on the wood.


 STEP: 4 

Cut plywood to create lid for table.

plywood pic


Stain table to protect it from the outside elements



Add sand and toys. Now you are ready for some fun in the sun!



After about 4 months of use and weather the table is still going strong. My husband did reinforce the sides with some screws and washers because the weight of the sand in the tub was making it bind a bit. If you are able to somehow put braces underneath the table, that would be ideal.

The idea for this table was inspired by one I found on Pinterest. Check it out here.

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