Construction Theme Birthday Party

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Construction Party Theme Inspiration Board3

1. Watering Hole– Baby Carrigan

2. Door Decor– Pnut Butter and Honey

3. Construction Invite– Lil Duck Duck

4. Burger Bar– Catch My Party (Caleb’s 3rd Construction Birthday)

5. Mini Dirt Cakes– Image from Pinterest (Original source unknown, would love to give credit)

6. Construction Cake– Sweet and Lovely Crafts

7. Personalized Banner– Dimple Prints

8. Wrecking Balls– Baby Carrigan

9. Construction Party Favors– Floridays Mom

10. Sand Table Station– Blue Eyed Blessings

11. Present “Dump” Station– Pnut Butter and Honey

My son just recently celebrated his second birthday and my husband and I had a party for him with family and friends. I love themes so I went all out with anything construction in mind. Here are a few of the ideas I incorporated into his party. I used Pinterest for inspiration and at the bottom of this post you will find links to other blogs I used for ideas.

james invite in grass

This is the invitation I created for the birthday party. You can read more about it here.


These were the favors for all the toddlers which included a Home Depot carpenter belt for .77. My aunt personalized them by writing the child’s name on each one. Each belt had a Dole fruit squishems and a Minute Maid apple juice box inside. I completed the favor with a hard hat from the Dollar Tree.  


I bought this construction themed onesie. The littlest party guest was only a day old at the time of the party, so he wouldn’t get much use out of a tool belt and hat. 🙂 I picked this up at Walmart. 


The “construct a s’more” kits were for the older kids who attended the party. Each bag contained marshmallows, graham crackers and a Hershey chocolate bar.


scottie  tshirt new

This is the t-shirt my mom and I made for my son. I bought it at Kohls and then ironed on our last name and the number 2 on the back to personalize it.  You can buy iron on numbers and letters at any craft store. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. Don’t mind the mess on the front of the t-shirt. My son had fun with his cake at the party but I have yet to wash it because I noticed one of the letters was starting to peel on the back. I need to get fabric glue to fix that before washing. 

new scottie and jp

Here is a picture of my son playing with his cousin in the sand box my husband and I made for him. You can find instructions on how to make a sand or water table here. Notice he is wearing his nifty tool belt! 


I bought caution tape at a local party store and made construction signs. The blank signs can be found here. I typed what I wanted on each one, printed from the computer and then laminated them to make them sturdy. My uncle gave me 5 construction cones that I put balloons on. It was a nice added touch to the theme.


This was the cake I made for my son. I crushed up Oreos and put them in the back of a toy dump truck. The cones and signs came with a toy truck my husband bought for my son a few months back. I am sure you can find little cheap sets like this at a dollar store. I did see construction cone candles at my local party store so that might be something to look for. 

I forgot to take pictures of a few other elements. I need to make a mental note to take lots of pictures or put someone in charge of doing that. I used a wheel barrow for guests to place his gifts. I posted a sign on it that said, “dump gifts here”. I had a few other small signs around the party area. At the food table the dirt cake was “fill dirt” and was placed in the back of a dump truck, cheese balls were “wrecking balls”, chex mix was “nuts and bolts”, pasta salad made from wheel shaped noodles were called “spare tires” and the hot dog and burger platter was named “brick and mortar”. I also had a sign on the cooler that held the drinks. It was labeled as “fuel”.

It is always fun to have a theme in mind when preparing for party. The more creative the better. Enjoy!



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