Update on the Dining Room

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I have been calling and scheduling estimates for a wood floor installation in the dining room. Gathering estimates is so exhausting. I wish I could say this portion of the dining room face lift was a DIY project but we just don’t feel comfortable “going it alone”.

Don’t forget about your locally owned home improvement stores because they may not only sell supplies but may also perform installations on various home projects. They are typically competitively priced, conveniently accessible, and offer a more personalized shopping experience. Also, asking a family member or friend who they hired for projects can also help. If they were pleased with the work completed, you will most likely be pleased too.

If you are thinking about getting wood floors in your own home, consider checking out the Flooring Girl’s blog. She explains the different types of wood species and where they fall on the Janka or “hardness” scale. She also explains which types of wood floors would be better for dogs and kids. Both of which I must consider.

Aside from gathering estimates, I finished spackling the doorway where the dining room meets the kitchen. Plaster can easily chip so having a bucket of spackling mud is a must in my house. Once you spackle, you typically prime and then paint the area. But did you know that you can buy paint with primer already in it? That allows you to skip priming over the mud and get right to the painting part. Anything that eliminates steps is a win-win in my opinion.




After, though this isn’t a shot of the same spot. I had to spackle both sides of the entry way and didn’t realize I took pictures on either side. 



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