Transforming the spare bedroom into a toddler approved bedroom

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If you have been following my blog, you know that I started repairs on my dining room with a whole list of upgrades to liven it up a bit. Well don’t be surprised when I tell you that I have had to put that project on hold. We’ll have to contend with ripped up carpet and less than savory wood flooring for the time being. I love torturing myself by starting projects and then not finishing them before I start another one or for some I have yet to finish at all. :/

But it is for a good cause. I am transforming my spare bedroom into a bedroom for my toddler. It is more spacious so he’ll have more room to roam a.k.a. fill with more junk eh emmm I mean toys! 😉 It does have its drawbacks. He’ll be downgrading his closet space. The bedroom he is in now has a much larger one.

Then there is the window situation. He currently has 1 window in his bedroom. The spare bedroom has 4. And they are all original with chain and ball mechanisms. Energy efficiency was not a priority in the early 1900’s so they will all have to be replaced before he can move in.


And even before we start gathering estimates on the windows, we have to shave ourselves of my husband’s bowflex that was has been lingering around for almost a decade and most currently has found a spot in the spare bedroom to dwell. (Before I could even get this posted, we sold the Bowflex. Woot!)

After we unload the bowflex and replace the windows then the real fun can begin. Spackling because of course an older home is not without cracks and chips on the walls and then priming and painting.


In the time being, I started a Pinterest board to gather ideas. Boy, I have to say there are quite a few talented people out there with some excellent ideas for a child’s room. I am excited to add some of these elements into my son’s bedroom.

Put an IKEA bookshelf on it's side then use as storage.

This is such a cute idea. A bookcase from Ikea and storage bins from Target. Check out I Heart Organizing for more details on this project

Take an old bookshelf, put wainscoating on the back, and add a piece of molding...paint it the color you prefer and you have a new, updated bookshelf.

Boo already has a bookcase just like this but it is just a plain old piece of pine. Doesn’t the paint and molding jazz it up? Check out Houzz for more details


1. Get rid of Bowflex

2. Install windows

3. New window treatments

4. Spackle walls

5. Paint walls

6. Move Boo’s belongs in

7. Complete Pinterest projects

**Follow me as I work on this “other”, “new”, “ongoing” project. LOL



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