Transforming the spare bedroom: Using my free paint sample

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The last time I used free paint samples from Lowes, I painted my son’s nursery. You can read that blog post, here. Now I am back at it. This time I am painting the spare bedroom for my son to move into. You can read my goals for transforming the spare bedroom into a child’s room, here. Lastly, you can learn about mudding and sanding walls, here.

I am not quite finished with mudding and sanding the walls yet but I had my free sample of paint already in hand so I decided I would dig in and start painting around the base boards and door trim; areas where I can’t get a paint roller to fit. Usually the big box home improvement stores have sales on their paint during holiday weekends. I am hoping they will be running a deal for the upcoming Labor day weekend so I can get all the necessary paint required to finish the room.


Lowes paint sample in the color Blue Mist


Painting near the base board

I usually place blue tape along wood trim as I go along then once an area dries, I will peel it off and re-stick it on another yet-to-be painted area. This way I am saving on blue tape. It isn’t cheap! My son decided he would voluntarily help me remove some tape. Luckily, the paint was dry. I just wasn’t ready to paint anything else at the moment. So this explains why I stuck the tape to the closet door. And out of reach of little toddler hands. 🙂




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