DIY buzz cut

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buzz pic

Today I bit the bullet and shaved my toddler, son’s head. I then got really brave and shaved my husband’s head as well. I’ve come across various frugal blogs that had touched upon DIY hair cuts. I always found the idea of doing this myself a little intimidating because I am by no means an expert on cutting hair. Other than trimming my own bangs, I haven’t done much else. But after talking with a friend who shaves both her son and her husband’s head, she gave me the confidence I needed to give it a whirl.

Sometimes it is just a pain to take my son to the salon. I like taking him to one particular girl because she is able to blend his baby fine hair so well. Unfortunately, the salon doesn’t take appointments so when I do take him I have to hope that she isn’t too busy or else I have to occupy him while we wait. Not always an easy task. And of course, since I am taking on the task, myself, I am saving money. Happy dance. 🙂

buzz cuts

I ended up using a #3 hair clipper attachment on both my son and husband. 

Even though I considered my mission a success, I will stick to just using a shaver. I’ll leave using scissors to change length or create a different hair cut to the experts!



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