The bedroom project continues…

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Picture was taken with my camera phone so it isn’t the best quality but you can sort of see the contrast in color when comparing the walls with the ceiling. Though the blue is a bit darker in real life. But anything is better than dull, white walls. I am also digging the new blinds I put up on one of the windows. I wasn’t going to replace any of the blinds YET but my son was testing out cause and effect on one of the blinds, snapping it in two pieces. So I went from the cheap $3.xx blinds from Walmart, to the $15.xx white ones from Lowes. I do like the cheap blinds from Walmart, don’t get me wrong. They held up pretty well. About 6 years, but with a little one running around and the sun beating down on them, making them quite brittle to the touch, it was time for replacements. The white is so sharp against the contrasting blue walls. More pictures to follow.

I have been busy, busy, busy this week working on my son’s bedroom. I am nearly finished painting all the walls, aside from the ceiling. Have I mentioned, I loathe painting ceilings?  When we bought our house someone suggested we paint all the walls before we settle in. We didn’t take that advice but I wish we would have. I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted to use but it probably would have been easier with less furniture and miscellaneous items to manipulate around a room. I have also been simultaneously working on hanging drywall by the back entrance to our house. I started this project probably a year ago and I would just do bits and pieces here and there. For some reason this week, I became motivated to work on both. Maybe I start a project but don’t finish because I get bored but sharing my spare time between two projects, keeps it interesting. lol I am pleased with whatever keeps the motivation high and helps me finish! 😛


A snapshot of what I accomplished today. I think it will be nice to walk in the back door to some nicely textured walls. I am so loving the way the white drywall is already lightening up the stairway. It makes it feel more open and cheery. Goodbye to ugly, brown, wood paneling!

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