DIY carpet cleaner with everyday household ingredients

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[Sprinkle, spray, sweep. Yes, I say sweep instead of vacuum and a shopping cart is really a “buggy”. I’m from Ohio, people. :p ]

My poor dog threw up on my carpet in the middle of the night. The poor thing has probably done this only a handful of times but when she has, she usually makes it down to the back door and up chucks (eww, gross) on the mat. If it is a lot to clean, I just toss the mat and buy a new one. Unfortunately, this time it is on the carpeted landing, between the downstairs and upstairs. When you are at the bottom of the steps, the smell hits you all at once. I don’t have a carpet cleaner vaccuum and my usual, Dawn and hot water mix is not doing the trick.

I decided to seek out further intervention through Pinterest. Isn’t that what everyone does nowadays? Lol
I found a blog that states mixing water, baking soda and vinegar in a spray bottle will get out carpet stains. I followed the directions but it didn’t seem to do much. Then I remember pinning a post about cleaning stoves by rubbing baking soda on the inside and then mixing in a little bit of water. You’d be surprised out how the baking soda sucks in the dirt, turning its natural white color to a dirty brown. (I do this process with my kitchen sink as well.) Since this procedure works like a charm, I figured, why not apply it to the carpet.

1. Sprinkle the baking soda over the stain.

2. Use the spray bottle to spray the mixture I mentioned above, over the stain.

3. Let it set for awhile. You’ll notice the baking soda changing color as it absorbs the dirt.

4. After it sets for awhile, sweep up the baking soda and repeat the steps as necessary.

I repeated the process about 3 times. The stain in gone but the smell is still lingering when I put my nose down to the carpet. :/ I will have to do a little more trial and error.

I used these sites for inspiration:

DIY Home Sweet Home

Ms. Danie



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