Tall Ships Erie 2013

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The city of Erie, Pennsylvania is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the victory of Commodore Perry’s battle of Lake Erie with the convergence of nine ships docking at Dobbings Landing. Thursday evening commences the event with a parade of the ships sailing into the harbor, accompanied by fireworks and cannon blasts. The rest of the weekend is reserved for public tours and mini sailing trips.

My hubby and I are celebrating our 6th year anniversary this weekend so we went up to Erie for a few days to join in the festivities. Here are some highlights from our trip.


From left to right: The Unicorn, The Peacemaker, The Niagara, The Sorlandet


From left to right: Steamboat Victorian, ?, ?, U.S. Coast Guard with Erie Observation Tower in background


Aboard the Sorlandet


Aboard the Niagara


View from Erie Observation Tower overlooking Dobbings Landing


View of Presque Isle from Erie Observation Tower


A lonely American flag. Too bad we couldn’t see their sails. 


If you are at Dobbings Landing on Lake Erie and you want to get a bite to eat, check out the Smugglers Wharf. Great seafood with wonderful atmosphere by the water. 


If you are in Erie, Pa and you want to check out something other than water, check out Asbury Woods Nature Center.


150 year old red oak we found in the woods at the nature center. 


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