Wegmans shopping trip

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Wegmans reminds me of a cross between a Whole Foods and Giant Eagle. I fell in love with this retail chain when I was on a vacation in Philadelphia last year. I love to visit stores that I don’t have close to home for a change of scenery. Plus, I like to see what kind of sweet deals I can get, particularly on items that may not be sold near me.

A few days before I went out of town, I searched for a blog that caters to and does coupon match ups for Wegmans. Thank You, Living Rich with Coupons. I planned out my shopping trip, gathering all necessary coupons so I was ready when the time came. Here is what I ended up purchasing:

wegmans shopping 2

Reuseable bag, (2) packages of Wegman brand diapers, 8 oz. bottle of basting oil, (2) 6 packs of Zevia soda, Crest toothpaste, and Reynolds cupcake liners

Before coupons: $35.12 / After coupons: $3.58!!!

Everything was free, free, free aside from the diapers but at $1.79 each, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

When you sign up for a loyalty card, you will receive a welcome packet at the customer service desk. It is a booklet with information about the store enclosed but don’t toss it. Inside there are two coupons. One for a FREE reuseable bag and another one for a FREE 8 oz. jar of basting oil so that is how I got those two items free.

In order to receive the sale items at a discounted price, you must have a loyalty card. I had signed up for a card online but it hadn’t yet arrived in the mail by the time I went to Wegman’s. Luckily, I had the sweetest cashier ever and she used her own card to share the sale price discounts with me. But don’t worry, if I retail chain offers a store loyalty card and you do not have one, the cashier should be able to give you a courtesy swipe at the register.

Happy Shopping at Wegmans!



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