DIY Faucet Spout Extender– Easy hand washing for kids

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I’ve been struggling to efficiently wash my son’s hands. He has a hard time reaching the running water even when he stands on a stool so I have been splashing water on his hands and rubbing them together with the soap. But I really like the idea of him being able to do it all himself.

I happened to be browsing through one of my Pinterest boards and saw this idea, remembering I had pinned it some time ago.

pin faucet

Picture courtesy of Home Talk

I know it is not very pretty but it works! And I am sure there are some fancy “store bought” solutions to this problem but this one is FREE if you already have a plastic bottle and some sort of cutting utensil handy. I used an empty 9 oz. bottle of baby lotion. You can use different size bottles depending on your needs. I also used a carpenter’s knife to cut out the opening. Well, my hubby cut it for me. 🙂 It took less than 5 minutes to make and it sure does make my life easier.

before and after hand washing 2



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