Hitting the “Target”

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Here is a post from March talking about how you can save money at Target. 

Added savings can be achieved at Target when you pair a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon. This means you can use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item. Target coupons can be found on their website. You simply browse through what they are offering, select, and print. They change their coupons often and only a certain number of prints are allowed per coupon so if you see something you like print it right away.

Note: Though the majority of coupons in Target’s database are Target coupons, some are manufacturer’s coupons, which can not be stacked with another manufacturer coupons. You can determine if the coupon is a Target or manufacturer coupon by looking at the wording. Target coupons use the phrase “with purchase of” or they use no wording at all. A manufacturer coupon uses the phrase “when you buy”.

You may also receive Target coupons through mailed flyers, in store handouts and/or coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers. You can always tell if it is a Target coupon because it will state that at the top. Here is an example of a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon that can be used in conjunction with a bag of Purina One dog food.

target coupons

You can also sign up for mobile coupons through the Target app. You can download it in your app store for free. Target will send you text messages on a periodical basis that will include a list of Target mobile coupons. These coupons can also be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Just remember a mobile coupon can only be scanned from your phone once. And sometimes it can be rather difficult to scan mobile coupons from your phone with the scanning gun at the register. It is at the manager’s discretion whether or not they will allow the mobile coupon to be used if it won’t scan. So remember to be patient and courtesy if they do not scan right away.

I personally have stopped using Target mobile coupons because I have had so much trouble with them scanning from my phone. It seems like the phone screen has to be at the perfect angle for the scanner gun to read the bar code. But on the other hand, I have heard many success stories with them so my advice is to at least try using them to reduce your out of pocket cost.

There is also another unique promotion that Target does on a weekly basis. When you buy certain amount of a specific item, a Target gift card will be issued to you by the cashier during check out. Items are identified by sale signs on the shelves and all the details, including purchase quantity, the value of the gift card you will receive, and when the sale will end. The gift card’s value is typically in the $5 range. It can be used immediately but not in the same transaction. Here are a few examples.

20130223_164634 20130223_164726

Here are a few websites that are dedicated to Target that generate coupon match-ups, when hot deals are in effect, when holiday items typically get marked down and much more. Also, a link to Target’s official coupon policy. It is important to be proficient in what the store policy states so you know how to get the most out of your coupons.

Totally Target

All Things Target 

Target’s coupon policy

Target’s coupon database

And special thanks to Couponers United for the tip on how to tell the difference between a Target and manufacturer coupon when printing from Target’s coupon database.

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