Fax Zero– Sending faxes through the internet for FREE

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I require a fax machine every few months. I don’t use one often enough to justify investing in one nor installing a home telephone line in my home. But I hate to go to my local grocery store and pay the hefty fees they charge just to send a few pieces of paper. Awhile ago, I read in a magazine about Fax Zero. It is a website dedicated to sending faxes for FREE. I have used it several times and found that it works the same way it would if I owned a fax machine but minus the extra costs that go along with maintaining one.

You simply input the sender’s and receiver’s information, along with file(s) of the pages you wish to fax. Check your email to confirm the transmission and then you will receive another email stating the transmission was received.

Keep in mind that you can only send 3 papers + a cover sheet per fax. Also, you can only send 5 fax transmissions per day and you must have an email address to confirm and complete your transaction. A scanner is also handy in order to convert the pages you would like faxed into file form onto your computer. Fax Zero puts an ad on the cover page that they send but I’ve never had a problem with it impeding my transaction. For a charge, you can send more than 3 pages per transaction and avoid an ad on the cover page.

If you are interested in checking Fax Zero out, go here to get started.



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