Walgreens | Discount on Prints One Day a Week

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Prints and Enlargements- 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 sizes   Printed on photo paper, Pick up today at your local Walgreens, Available in Glossy and Matte Photo Paper

I stopped in my local Walgreens to pick up some photos. Of course it was a Saturday and not a Tuesday.

Why does it matter?

While I was waiting to purchase my photos I noticed a sign that said on Tuesdays 4×6 prints were only .10 each.


I just paid .20 each for my prints. I could have saved 50% off my total if I ordered them on Tuesday! 😦

I asked the photo technician about it and she said that it was a promotion that had in the past but then discontinued it. Walgreens just recently reinstated it. She also said that is up to each individual Walgreens as to whether they run this promotion and if they do, they can pick the day to do it on. Also, you must order in the store to receive the discount. You can’t order online.

So next time you stop in your local Walgreens, check for signs promoting this deal near the photo lab counter. You may be able to save 50% off your photo order simply by choosing the day the store gives a discount!



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