Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

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quilted northern graphic

I was really excited to be apart of the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft toilet paper mission via Smiley360. Who doesn’t benefit from free toilet paper?! And let’s not forget about the bottle of hand sanitizer, tin of mints and additional coupons to pass out to friends. 🙂

I am not really picky when it comes to toilet paper. If it is on sale and there are coupons available to pair with the deal, I’ll go that route rather than stick with one particular brand.

I happened to have a package of Cottonelle CleanCare 12 big roll on hand so I compared it with the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft toilet paper. I find that the Quilted Northern has a little bit more toilet paper per package with 253.3 sq ft. and the Cottonelle only has 230.4 sq ft. But I find that the Cottonelle is a bit softer so if that is something that is particularly important to you when buying toilet paper you’ll want to keep that in mind. Not a deal breaker for me, though!

Overall, I feel that the Quilted Northern does its job and I am pleased with this product. If I find a good deal on Quilted Northern in the future I will definitely buy this brand.

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