Purpose of our Blog

Welcome to the Couponing Bio-twins web page! We are Jennifer and Rachel, two coupon divas bringing you OUR VERSION of what it is like to use coupons. We don’t consider ourselves to be “extreme couponers”; stockpiling beyond what we can use, we are just two average women trying to survive in the failing economy!

Rachel describes Jennifer as a beautiful person inside and out. “You could say she is an old soul, caring deeply for those around her. She would be the first to give you the shirt off her back and food in your belly… from her stockpile of course!!”. Though Jennifer has only been couponing for a short time, she has quickly learned the ropes and is well on her way to sustaining a thriving stockpile.

Jennifer describes Rachel as “a beautiful wife and mother to an adorable little boy we all call ‘Boo’. He is a very active little guy and smart as a whip”. Rachel has been an avid couponer since Jan 2011, an obsession stemming from a long line of couponers who live with a frugal mentality.

Jennifer and Rachel met when Rachel started dating Jennifer’s brother, Jim, eventually getting married. After spending time together, Jennifer and Rachel quickly realized they were “Bio-Twins”, hence the title of their blog site. And even though they are not biological twins, they feel like they are, only being 5 days apart in age!! They share thoughts, ideas, and get along AND squabble just like biological sisters!

Even though Rachel lives in Ohio and Jennifer lives in Florida they text each other everyday, ALL DAY! They have created this site so they can share their experiences, pictures of their hauls, share thrifty living ideas and interject their witty humor to keep their readers entertained and amused!
I guess it is safe to say that they love to shop and even better they LOVE TO SAVE MONEY!!!

Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you will come along with us on our coupon adventures! :0)

photo (3) Rachel




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