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Hitting the “Target”

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Here is a post from March talking about how you can save money at Target. 

Added savings can be achieved at Target when you pair a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon. This means you can use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item. Target coupons can be found on their website. You simply browse through what they are offering, select, and print. They change their coupons often and only a certain number of prints are allowed per coupon so if you see something you like print it right away.

Note: Though the majority of coupons in Target’s database are Target coupons, some are manufacturer’s coupons, which can not be stacked with another manufacturer coupons. You can determine if the coupon is a Target or manufacturer coupon by looking at the wording. Target coupons use the phrase “with purchase of” or they use no wording at all. A manufacturer coupon uses the phrase “when you buy”.

You may also receive Target coupons through mailed flyers, in store handouts and/or coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers. You can always tell if it is a Target coupon because it will state that at the top. Here is an example of a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon that can be used in conjunction with a bag of Purina One dog food.

target coupons

You can also sign up for mobile coupons through the Target app. You can download it in your app store for free. Target will send you text messages on a periodical basis that will include a list of Target mobile coupons. These coupons can also be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Just remember a mobile coupon can only be scanned from your phone once. And sometimes it can be rather difficult to scan mobile coupons from your phone with the scanning gun at the register. It is at the manager’s discretion whether or not they will allow the mobile coupon to be used if it won’t scan. So remember to be patient and courtesy if they do not scan right away.

I personally have stopped using Target mobile coupons because I have had so much trouble with them scanning from my phone. It seems like the phone screen has to be at the perfect angle for the scanner gun to read the bar code. But on the other hand, I have heard many success stories with them so my advice is to at least try using them to reduce your out of pocket cost.

There is also another unique promotion that Target does on a weekly basis. When you buy certain amount of a specific item, a Target gift card will be issued to you by the cashier during check out. Items are identified by sale signs on the shelves and all the details, including purchase quantity, the value of the gift card you will receive, and when the sale will end. The gift card’s value is typically in the $5 range. It can be used immediately but not in the same transaction. Here are a few examples.

20130223_164634 20130223_164726

Here are a few websites that are dedicated to Target that generate coupon match-ups, when hot deals are in effect, when holiday items typically get marked down and much more. Also, a link to Target’s official coupon policy. It is important to be proficient in what the store policy states so you know how to get the most out of your coupons.

Totally Target

All Things Target 

Target’s coupon policy

Target’s coupon database

And special thanks to Couponers United for the tip on how to tell the difference between a Target and manufacturer coupon when printing from Target’s coupon database.

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Coupons for Organic and Natural Food Products

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organic food list

I have heard numerous reasons as to why people do not use coupons. One reason is because they find that coupons from the Saturday or Sunday newspaper inserts contain mostly processed foods. They prefer raw fruits and vegetables and products with healthier ingredients.

Though, it is true that most coupon inserts are packed with coupons for processed foods, it is not always the case, and there are alternatives to getting your coupons from newspaper inserts. Printable internet coupons is a good source for seeking out discounts on organic and natural food products.

There are websites dedicated to natural products and you can even search for a company’s website to see if they are offering any discounts. You can also ‘like’ their pages on facebook. Companies tend to run promotions on high value coupons directly from their facebook pages.

Since I started using coupons back in 2011, I have been introduced to some really awesome organic and natural brands. I would have otherwise side stepped these brands because organic and natural products are generally more expensive than their non-organic competitors. But once I add coupons to the mix, I can drastically reduce my out-of-pocket expense, getting healthier options at a fraction of the price.

Here is a list of websites to some of my favorite organic and natural food companies that I have since discovered once I began using coupons. All of these offer coupons from time to time.

1. Alexia Foods

They offer frozen potatoes in a wide variety, such as, sweet potato fries, tater tots and their onion rings are amazing. They also have a line of frozen bread. I don’t see any coupons on their site right now but a few weeks ago they were offering $2.50 off any frozen item from their facebook page. That is a nice, high value coupon for a frozen item that is more natural.

2. Muir Glen

They specialize in tomato based products, such as, fire roasted canned tomatoes and chipotle salsa.

3. Cuties Kids

I see coupons for these little tangerines often. Kids love them because they are pint size and parents too because they are healthy.

4. Earth Bound Farms

Sign up for Earth Bound Farm’s daily emails that will usually include a coupon for money off organic fruits or vegetables.

5. Annie’s

This company’s products are geared towards children, including, organic macaroni and cheese, crackers, and cookies. My son loves the crackers and cookies. From now until March 31st, when you buy 2 Annie’s products, you can earn a free herb kit. Check out their website for more details on this promotion.

6. Kashi

Kashi specializes in cereal and snack foods that provide healthier alternatives to other sugary  competitors.

7. Newmans Own

They make a variety of natural foods. Their line of spaghetti sauces are so flavorful. This is a product that I have been introduced to once I started using coupons and I have become brand loyal ever since. They also donate all profits to charity.

8. Better Oats

They include a product line of flavored oatmeal with some varieties that are organic. I particularly like their blueberry muffin and oatmeal raisin cookie oatmeal.

9. Stone Fire

Stonefire makes a line of flat breads and pita pockets. Their tandoor baked all natural garlic naan bread is the perfect foundation for a personal sized homemade pizza. Check them out on facebook where they were recently offering a $1.00 off coupon.

10. Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good has an excellent line of tortilla chips that are all natural, gluten free, low sodium, no artificial flavors or preservatives and the ingredient lists is shorter than my forearm 😉 They have a variety of flavors and are a great snack to replace those other unhealthy alternatives.

11. Mambo Sprouts

Mambo Sprouts includes an array of coupons for natural and organic products like as Santa Cruz and Zevia. Check it often because they are always changing the coupon offers.

Printable internet coupons tend to come and go on companies websites. If you do not see what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact them. Companies want you to try their products and will do whatever they can to make you a repeat customer.

Check out Growing Up Natural. It is a blog that is dedicated solely to organic, natural, and eco-friendly deals. 

Introducing Smiley360

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Do you like trying new products and getting exclusive offers then sharing your opinions and experiences with others? If you answered, yes, then Smiley360 is right for you. Click here to get started and sign up for free. Once you have created an account, you can start applying for missions. Just answer a few questions that will determine whether or not you are a right fit for the mission.

Some of the missions have included sampling freal milkshakes, Sleep Number, Fiber Choice Fruity Bites and Toms of Maine Wicked Cool Toothpaste, Quilted Northern toilet paper and right now head over to see if you qualify for the Arm & Hammer cat litter mission.

Read my reviews on Arm & Hammer sensitive toothpaste, freal milkshakes, and Aveeno Active Naturals hair care. I have tried all these products, FREE, courtesy of Smiley360!

**The links posted in this article are my referral links.

We will never promote a website, product, or anything else within this blog that we wouldn’t use ourselves. The purpose of this blog is to educate you, on using coupons and how to live a thriftier lifestyle. We feel that sharing our referral links are a small way for us to earn a return on the hard work and dedication that we put into our blog while still maintaining honesty and integrity with you, as our reader.

Tips on selling or trading in + buying a vehicle: Part 6

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10. Choosing When to Buy

The best time to buy is at the end of the year because the dealership pays tax on any inventory left on the lot come January 1st. The more vehicles they move off the lot, the more money that stays in their pockets. Also, shopping towards the end of the month increases your chances of getting a better deal. Salespeople have to meet certain quotas per month. They are more likely to work with you if a sales deadline is fast approaching.

My husband and I made the mistake of going car shopping on April 1st. The worst day of the month or maybe even the year! Even though it was April Fool’s Day I made the best out of it. After hours of negotiating, I told the salesman that we weren’t buying anything and that it was all just an April Fool’s joke. He honestly didn’t appreciate my sense of humor. 😛

So after approximately 4 hours of negotiations and signing paperwork, my husband traded in his truck for a small 4 door sedan with excellent gas mileage.


**This is part 6 of a 6 part series.

PART 1: Preparing your vehicle for sell or trade-in

PART 2: Narrow down your choices and determine how much you can afford

PART 3: Pre-approval and test driving dealerships

PART 4: Neogiatating with the salesperson

PART 5: Using Non-Verbal Cues

***The opinions expressed in this post are solely of my own and are reflected by research I have done and applied to personal experiences.

Earn 150 points from Recycle Bank

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Right now you can stop over at Recycle Bank and earn 150 points by learning about the origin of paper and how to handle different types at the recycling center. You can redeem your points for rewards like magazine subscriptions, high value coupons and much more.

If you are unfamiliar with Recycle Bank, read more about it here.

Thank You Freebie Shark

Tips on selling or trading in + buying a vehicle: Part 5

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Interview Handshake

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9. Playing Hard Ball

If the salesperson wants to know what you want for your trade in, give them a price that is at least $1000 more than your lowest concession. Again, you can determine your lowest trade in price by playing around with the car loan calculator. If the salesperson matches your higher amount then that is more money that will go against the sale price. If the salesperson offers you anything less than what you suggested you wanted to get from the trade in but still within your price range, and you agree to the amount, to the salesperson it looks like you took a concession on the amount that you wanted to get from the trade in. Even though, from the start it was still within your range, the salesperson does not know that and you can use that to your advantage later in the negotiation process. You can remind the salesperson at some point that you did take a concession on your trade in, even though you really did not. 

10. Stick to Your Guns

If the rest of the negotiation process is not going the way you want it to, don’t be afraid to walk away and mean it. Use non-verbal cues to reiterate that you mean business about leaving without buying. This may seem silly but it does work. Zip your coat up, dig out the keys to your vehicle, throw your purse straps over your shoulder. Anything that is understood as a gesture that represents an exit will work. This will get the salesperson’s attention and let him know you mean what you say.

Most likely the salesperson will do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t leave. It really is not the end of the world if he does watch you walk away without purchasing. There will always be another dealer, salesperson, and vehicle vying for your attention.

**This is part 5 of a 6 part series.

PART 1: Preparing your vehicle for sell or trade-in

PART 2: Narrow down your choices and determine how much you can afford

PART 3: Pre-approval and test driving dealerships

PART 4: Neogiatating with the salesperson

PART 6: When to buy

Tips on selling or trading in + buying a vehicle: Part 4

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Car lot

Photo Credit: The Car Connection

Congratulations! You’ve done your homework. You’ve researched internet prices, calculated the financial end of the deal and have gone to at least one or two dealerships to test drive and practice your lip-locked negotiation tactics on unsuspecting salespeople. YAY! You are now ready to go to a dealership that has the vehicle you are looking for and the sticker price you are willing to negotiate around.

7. Early Bird Makes the Best of His Time

Arrive as early as possible to the dealership. Negotiations can take a really long time and once you agree on a price you still have to get through the financial end of the deal. And don’t forget to eat before you arrive. Though, I really think dealerships should provide a full catered service area to their customers. A person spends enough money on a vehicle, I think the least a dealership can do is throw in a few meals. I am sure it’s a psychological tactic. By the end of the day the salesperson wants you to be tired, weak and hungry so that you may let your guard down and agree to something you might not really had in mind. :/

8. Mums the Word

If a trade in applies here have the service center look over the vehicle first BEFORE you tell the salesperson which vehicles you are interested in. I firmly believe that depending on which vehicle you are thinking about buying, will determine how much the dealership will give you for your trade in. If you are looking at a sport’s car which could cost upwards of $60,000 or more, the dealership will probably give you more money on your trade in. They are looking at the end result, the higher the price tag, the more money that goes into their pockets. If your looking at the cheapest car on the lot, then they will most likely give you peanuts for your vehicle.

Don’t let the salesperson persuade you to believe that the condition of the trade in is driving the value of the vehicle down. Of course if you blow on the bumper and it falls to the ground that may be a different story but for the most part a vehicle is worth something. And even though small blemishes factor very little into the equation, the salesperson may tell you it has everything to do with it. This can cloud your judgement and make you start thinking that you have no choice but to agree to a smaller trade in value.

**This is part 4 of a 6 part series.

PART 1: Preparing your vehicle for sell or trade-in

PART 2: Narrow down your choices and determine how much you can afford

PART 3: Pre-approval and test driving dealerships

PART 5: Using Non-Verbal Cues

PART 6: When to buy