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I applied for the Airborne mission via Smiley360 awhile ago and was not initially chosen to participate but at some point they needed to fill more spaces so they asked me to join. Between the holidays and my dog’s surgery I’ve been quite busy so I never got a chance to share that I was on a mission with the Airborne product. 😦

Each person participating had a chance at receiving 1 of 3 products from Airborne. I received a bottle of 32 chewable tablets in the berry flavor.

In the past I have only used Emergen-C products. (Jen scored some super hot deals on Emergen-C awhile ago but has handed her entire inventory over to me because she hates the taste. lol) I, on the other hand, like Emergen-C but it has been the only type of product of its kind that I have tried. Plus, I have only used it in liquid form so I was excited to try something different.

I am overall very pleased with this product. I like the taste and I find that the chewable form is a lot more convenient than mixing a powder with water. I can throw these tablets in my purse and chew them on the go if need be.

They claim to “help support your immune system” though in their disclaimer they that state that the FDA has not evaluated this claim and Airborne is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”. So based on that it is pretty hard to determine if this type of product actually benefits the immune system. It may be a classical case of mind over body? I also don’t care for the fact that the product contains artificial ingredients such as Red 40 and Blue 1.

At any rate, I would buy this product in the future. Of course, it would have to be for a great price that I scored with sales and coupons. 😉

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