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Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

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I was really excited to be apart of the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft toilet paper mission via Smiley360. Who doesn’t benefit from free toilet paper?! And let’s not forget about the bottle of hand sanitizer, tin of mints and additional coupons to pass out to friends. ūüôā

I am not really picky when it comes to toilet paper. If it is on sale and there are coupons available to pair with the deal, I’ll go that route rather than stick with one particular brand.

I happened to have a package of Cottonelle CleanCare 12 big roll on hand so I compared it with the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft toilet paper. I find that the Quilted Northern has a little bit more toilet paper per package with 253.3 sq ft. and the Cottonelle only has 230.4 sq ft. But I find that the Cottonelle is a bit softer so if that is something that is particularly important to you when buying toilet paper you’ll want to keep that in mind. Not a deal breaker for me, though!

Overall, I feel that the Quilted Northern does its job and I am pleased with this product. If I find a good deal on Quilted Northern in the future I will definitely buy this brand.

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Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish Review

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I was accepted into the Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Dandruff Control mission from Smiley360. I was excited to be accepted into this mission because I have always had great results with Aveeno products and this instance was no exception. They sent me two coupons to purchase free products. I opted for a shampoo and conditioner and my husband and I have been sharing the shampoo for about 2 1/2 weeks.

I really like the smell of the product. It is not a flowery scent but has more of a plant based smell. It would be perfect for a male who doesn’t want a floral scented shampoo and conditioner. I also liked that if left my hair feeling soft and shiny and it doesn’t leave a build up of product at the roots.

Concerning the anti-dandruff aspect of the product, I do not suffer from dandruff but I do suffer from a mildly dry scalp. Because my condition is so mild, it is too hard to gauge if it has made an improvement on my scalp. My husband on the other hand suffers from a very dry scalp and I notice that when he is using a regular shampoo, he tends to get flakes on his shoulders. I have not noticed any dryness since he has been using the Aveeno Active Natural shampoo so I would say it is working wonderfully for him.

Overall, I am very pleased with the product and would purchase again, specifically, for my husband.

If you are interested in trying out Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Dandruff Control products, click here for a $3 off coupon. I noticed this sells for around $5.50 at my local Target.

**My opinion is my own and I am not compensated in any way other than receiving a free product from Smiley360.

Food Should Taste Good brand review

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Here is my little back story.

I was initially introduced to Food Should Taste Good chips when I signed up to receive a free bag of their sweet potato tortilla chips. After trying my sample, I was so excited about how they tasted, I found them on facebook to tell them about my experience.

One sample bag was not enough so I was eager to find them in a local store. After looking in three different retailers, I decided that maybe they hadn’t yet made it to my neck of the woods ūüėČ

But I am the type of person that when I find a product that I love so much, I like to share my experience with everyone.¬†I decided to contact Food Should Taste Good¬†and ask them if they would be willing to send us samples so we could do a review on our blog. They happily agreed. And even better while waiting for the samples to arrive, I found this free standing display in my local Marc’s store, which is located in Northeastern Ohio.


Here is what we received from Food Should Taste Good.

20130219_120827 20130219_120853 20130219_120906 20130219_120950

When we first tried the sweet potato tortilla chips, we were pleasantly surprised. They tasted like Sun chips and the sweet potato taste was not too bold. We love sweet potatoes so we were not bothered by the fact that they were sweet potato flavored. If you are not a sweet potato fan, don’t let that scare you away from trying them.

The lime and blue corn tortilla chips are also equally very tasty. We love chips that have a lime flavoring and these chips have that. The taste is not too over powering. It is subtle but rather refreshing. The blue corn chips have just the right amount of flax seed and sea salt and would pair nicely with salsa but it isn’t necessary.

We weren’t ¬†fans of the original sweet potato chips. We think because it has the texture of a potato chip, we wanted it to taste more streamline with what other typical potato chips taste like. With that being said, we do really like that there are only three ingredients; sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, and sea salt.

Taste is not the only thing important to us. Ingredients and price are also a key factor in what determines if we will buy a product.

Fortunately, their products are gluten free, certified vegan, certified kosher, do not contain cholesterol, trans fats, msg, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are also low in sodium, all natural, and a good source of fiber.

The ingredient list on all the chip bags are very short, only containing about a half dozen to one dozen ingredients each. This is usually a good sign when shopping for natural snack foods. The only concern we have is that some of the tortilla chips may contain canola oil. We try to steer away from that and purchase items made with olive oil but overall we were pretty pleased with the ingredients.

The price of these tortilla chips is also very reasonable. We were able to snag a 4.5 oz of chips for $1.99 and recently we signed up for the Food Should Taste Good enewsletter, earning us a $1 off coupon.  A great deal for only .99 a bag.

Overall, we are really pleased with these chips and plan on buying some other flavors we haven’t tried yet. If you find them in your local store, we recommend picking up a bag or two!

Check out their website to learn more about their flavors of chips and sign up for their enewsletter.

**The opinions expressed in this post are solely of our own and we were not compensated in any way by Food Should Taste Good other than receiving the free products pictured above.